About Us


A.E. Nomikos Shipping Investments Limited (AEN) was founded in 1985, initially with an aim to provide management services to our own vessels. Today we still successfully manage various vessels, and our aim remains the same; to be a Traditional, Respected Ship Management Company. Registered in Monrovia, Liberia and headquartered in Piraeus, Greece, AEN has accumulated over 30 years of dry bulk ship management experience, operating in Greece, pursuant to Act 89/378/68 of the Greek Law.

Our philosophy in shipping is based on three principal items: Having the right People, the right Vessels and the right System. 

  • We have built an organisation with high standards of performance and discipline, that come from an experienced management team, with complementary skills based on robust and externally validated management processes, thus providing our global customers with safe, efficient and competitive marine transportation services and comprehensive financial management controls on behalf of the principles.
    We can provide more than 30 years’ experience, technical and other management services to ship-owning companies. We have managed a large number of dry bulk carrier vessels and we presently manage an aggregate fleet size of about 280,000 dwt.

  • Our fleet is based exclusively on modern Japanese vessels, as they symbolise the exceptionally high standards that we represent; they offer us high performance, and minimal outlay. The average age of our fleet is 4 years old.
     We have served several major international charterers, blue chip global and regional vessel operators, trading worldwide.
    Throughout our operating history, our vessels have transported various commodities consisting of steel products, coal, minerals, grains, fertilisers, cement, sugar, salt, but also other dry cargoes in bulk, break bulk or bagged form.

  • AEN has developed and implemented a fully computerised IMS (Integrated Management System), aiming to improve the office management and the effective fleet operation by:

    • Monitoring, Evaluating and Controlling Costs
    • Maximising fleet utilisation
    • Presenting exceptional service to our charterers
    • Using modular components to Automate processes
    • Keeping Historical Data for Audits
    • Maintaining Employee Evaluation and Appraisals


We are fully computerised and synchronised, both on board and ashore through the utilisation of an Integrated Danaos System, whilst remaining fully ISM & ISO 9001 14001 compliant.