About Us


Our Strength, on land and sea, is our People, with sole objective the Safety of Vessels and Crew. 

Our head office consists of well-educated, constantly-trained, highly-qualified and specialised individuals, acting as one team in order to support the vessels and their crew in the most optimal and sufficient way. Our people's initiative, innovative ideas and high motivation helps us keep our commitment to high performance.

Our seafaring team consists of seafarers from Greece, Cyprus, Philippines and Romania. AEN has established a maritime safety culture that is solidified with its seafarers through a commitment to their training and education. We are proud of our seafarers’ retention rate, rapidly increasing every year, with a current rate that reaches an average of 80%.

The foundation of our relationship and teamwork lies on mutual trust and respect to individuality, leaving no room for any kind of discrimination.

AEN's management's commitment to conduct business in the most transparent manner, to maintain an open door policy, giving fair opportunities to all employees and to provide constant training at all levels, both for land and sea personnel, is the key towards professional excellence.