About Us



To be a Respected Ship Management Company of choice for the global sea transportation of cargoes, maintaining Traditional values.


To create a corporate culture of ties and obligations, through transparency, integrity and sound ethics, thus ensuring the effective operation of the fleet, in terms of HSQE standards, with respect to crew, clients and the environment.

Core Values

It’s a part of our philosophy to provide comprehensive and effective management, through high ethical standards. We are sincere to our partners; our crew trusts us, because we act fairly and behave with integrity and loyalty, fairness and reliability, care and diligence and most of all respect, complying with all laws and regulations, ensuring security and reliability.

Our core values are founded on three distinct pillars: Safety, Reliability and Care.

  • Maximum safety - For our people, our vessels and our cargoes
  • Reliable quality - For our services, extended to our customers
  • Continuous self-improvement - For our people, our infrastructure and our systems