• AENews Issue No. 17 - December 2018


    Our Company’s successful year has vindicated all the hard work and commitment by all of us either on board or ashore who toil for the present and future of our high quality performance and services.
    The relationship of trust that we have built with our partners led to another distinction sharing common values and vision for the future.

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  • AENews Issue No. 16 - September 2018


    We cannot think better way to address the future challenges than by making continuous efforts, so as to be kept updated with all forthcoming regulations and always within the time limits; ensuring a safe transitional period for all members of our team either on board or ashore. The passion among us, to maintain and enhance the quality of our services and our performance, is infectious.

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  • AENews Issue No. 15 - June 2018


    Undoubtedly, the second quarter of the year was very busy for the shipping industry as our everyday live was enriched witht he Posidonia exhibition. Especially for the AEN family, that period was extremly fruitful, exchanging invaluable information with our partners, planning the future, investing in training on board and ashore.

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  • AENews Issue No. 14 - March 2018


    Management Review Meeting is always a very special occasion for the AEN Key Shore Staff, where all of our targets and KP's are analyzed and presented. Undoubtedly, 2017, has been a tough yet successful year, with excellent performance that gives us strength to continue our efforts by maintaining the achieved level and aiming to even higher targetrs.

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  • AENews Issue No.13 - December 2017


    The 9th of December 2017 was a very special day for AEN Family, as we celebrated the 30th anniversary of two special members of the AEN Family; Mrs. Evangelia Karamolegou - Supply Manager and Mrs. Vicky Panoriou - Accountant Assistant, in a beautiful dinner full of joy & emotions, along with beloved friends, family & colleagues. A big party was organized, so as to thank them for their valuable help and efforts which always lead to the best of the Company.

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  • AENews Issue No.12 - September 2017


    Undoubtedly, the current year proves to be improved with a great variety of tasks and responsibilities for each member of the AEN family, both on board and ashore. Team’s efforts are continuous, so as to be kept updated with all forthcoming regulations and also within the time limits through effective cooperation with our partners.

    Editor's Note, by Evangelos Tsoumpos, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer

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  • AENews Issue No.11 - June 2017


    Undoubtedly, the second quarter of the year was very busy for the AEN Family; that period was extremely fruitful, exchanging invaluable information with our partners, launching our second Safety Campaign, developing our R&D program, planning the future, investing in training on board and ashore. 

    Moreover, we experienced hard tests of our performance via ashore audits and on board PSC inspections with impressive results that gave us strength to become even better and support our vision!

    Editor's Note, by Evangelos Tsoumpos, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer

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  • AEN Breaking News


    The International Maritime Safety Award for 2016 has been awarded by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects to the Seahorse project team, in which A.E. NOMIKOS SHIPPING INVESTMENTS LTD was a contributing member.

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  • AENews Issue No.10 - March 2017


    There is no more powerful engine driving an organization toward excellence and long-range success than an attractive, worthwhile, achievable vision for the future, widely shared.

    We feel as a team in AEN!

    MRM 2016 motto by Mrs. Nancy Gakis - General Manager

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  • AEN Campaign - If You Care You Share


    AEN introduces their first Campaign among the crew members of the vessels, titled: "IF YOU CARE YOU SHARE".

    Share your invaluable experiences, among the AEN Family, coming from your everyday duties, practices followed, cooperation with port authorities, audits, inspections, incidents, accidents, proposals and chats with your friends and colleagues focusing on our similarities and common vision.

    The AEN Campaign is communicated on board the vessel during the Safety Committee Meetings with relevant instructions and guidance to all crew members and during the pre-familiarization procedure.

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  • Hellenic Accreditation System visits AEN


    February 2017

    A.E. NOMIKOS SHIPPING INVESTMENTS LTD. has been honored and selected among other companies by the HELLENIC ACCREDITATION SYSTEM (E.SY.D.) which in cooperation with the HELLENIC REGISTER OF SHIPPING SA conducted an additional audit - review of our Quality System and awarded to our Company the certificates of compliance according to the standards ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 with respect to the activity of management of Bulk Carriers.

    A.E. NOMIKOS SHIPPING INVESTMENTS LTD. would like to grasp the opportunity to thank the auditors and all the involved parties for their contribution to this aim and our Company’s Vision.

  • AENews Issue No.9 - December 2016


    AEN, in November 2016, has proceeded with the acquisition of the second hand vessel M/V UNITED SERENITY
    that has been renamed to M/V ASTRAEA SB. The new AEN Lady is a Kamsarmax 82.5K DWT, constructed in
    Japan by Oshima Shipbuilding within the year 2009.

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  • M/V ASTRAEA SB purchase 11 November 2016


    This is to inform you of our new qcquisition, a Kamsarmax 82k DWT, 2009 Oshima, Japan built, added to the management of AEN Fleet on 11th, November 2016.

  • ISO 9001:2015 ISO14001:2015


    We are pleased to inform you that our Company has been certified as per the NEW -
    ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Standards on Friday, 07th October 2016, after
    the completion of an audit conducted in our premises.

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  • AENews Issue No.8 - September 2016


    It was a great honor and an invaluable experience for the AEN to participate in a research program cooperating with the University of Strathclyde. We believe that we have just opened a new chapter in our history feeling the responsibility to effectively contribute to the shipping industry by sharing the results of our efforts.

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  • AEN's collaboration with the Universiy of Strathclyde, Glasgow


    If You Care You Share!
    With very much pleasure we announce you the commencement of our collaboration with the
    University of Strathclyde, Glasgow via a scientific research program called SEAHORSE. The
    SEAHORSE project is about the human element and how this affects the safety culture of the Company.

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  • AENews Issue.07 - June 2016


    Mr. Evangelos Tsoumpos – DPA / HSQE Manager & Capt. Gerasimos Anastasopoulos – Operations Manager travelled to London and visited RightShip in the impressive building of the distinctive ‘gherkin’ that has become a landmark of the London skyline.

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  • 30th Anniversary / MRM 2015


    Good business decisions happen when we understand and come to terms with the positive and negative possibilities of all scenarios, and we are still willing to move forward.

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  • AENews December 2015


    Positivity doesn't rewrite the truth. It spotlights the positive truth to handle the negative one.

    Wishin you a wonderful holiday and, I hope, a peaceful, healthy and happy 2016 for all for us!

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  • AENews - September 2015


    "...Smaller operators can survive in today's industry and make the difference. To do so, they need to identify a niche role in the market, one in which we can add value and provide a level of service superior to that offered by their competitors dealing with massive management."

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  • ISO 9001


    We are pleased to inform you that our Company has been initially certified as per the ISO 9001 Standards on Thursday, 29th October 2015, after the completion of an audit conducted in our premises by the Hellenic Register of Shipping (HRS).

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  • AENews - June 2015


    We are in the pleasant position to announce the AENews - Issue June 2015.

    "Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on your goals."

    Motto by Mrs. Nancy Gakis - General Manager

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  • AENews - March 2015


    We are in the pleasant position to announce the AENews - Issue March 2015.

    "Tradition is a perpetual movement, it advances, it lives. Living Tradition can be found anywhere, even in an industry as capital intensive as shipping. You should do your best to maintain it in the manner of your epoch!"

    MRM 2014 motto by Mrs. Nancy Gakis - General Manager

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  • M/V ATTIKI SB Launching 20th March 2015


    On 20th March 2015, our new building vessel ATTIKI SB was launched as per JMU schedule. The building dock gate opened at 11:10 am local time (20 minutes ahead of schedule) and the launching completed at 11:43 am local time.

    Prior the launching, at 08:30 am, lightweight measurements were taken with the presence of NKK Surveyor Mr. Matshushima in order vessel's lightship and deadweight to be calculated. Mentioned calculsations  were completed on Monday, March 23rd and relevant figures were handed over to the AEN Team.

  • M/V ARION SB Sale to OBE


    AEN fair welled the M/V ARION SB as the subject vessel has been sold and delivered to her new Owners Messrs "Grand Bridge Maritime Ltd." of Liberia, at Karachi anchorage, Pakistan on the 19th March 2015 at 19:15 LT or 14:15 UTC.

    The sale of the oldest vessel of the AEN fleet welcomes a new era of change and expansion in the AEN family.

    The average age of the fleet decreases as it achieves the 4.04 years, with carrying capacity of 228,695 DWT.

    Taking this opportunity we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent cooperation we have experienced over the years with all of our partners.

  • 30 Years A.E.N.


    AEN, in January 2015, celebrates their 30 years of operations and services characterized by continuous commitment to their clients.

    Our celebrations are accompanied by the already delivered MV ALKYONI SB, in May 2014, and the delivery  of MV ATTIKI SB in June 2015; a supra and an ultra max size vessel, both advantaged by the implementation of eco and innovative designs.

    Moreover, all vessels continue gaining AMVER awards and even higher standards of operation through our enhanced training program, the innovative ways of monitoring and the last but not least Company's brand new IMS that embraces the ISO14001 and 9001.

  • AENews - Issue December 2014


    There is nothing more difficult to take in hands, more perlous to conduct, or uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introductionof a new order of things.

    N. Machiavelli

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  • "U.S. Coast Guard - AMVER Awards 2013"


    Captain Andreas Saousopoulos and Mr. Evangelos Tsoumpos represented A.E.N. in AMVER Awards 2013.
    During a bright ceremony, Cpt. Andreas accepted the personal congratulations as well as the award certificates from Charles Michele.

    MV Arion SB, MV Atalanti SB and MV Aurora SB joined amongst hundreds of nations in providing a worldwide safety network to assist search and rescue coordinators in responding to emergencies at sea.
    7,613 vessels achieved at least 128 days "on plot" contributing to 398 lives saved in 2013.
    Either a vessel like MV Alkyoni SB is a new participant or has been active for many years, the Company and the crew took pride in the voluntary commitment of our officers and crew to the safety of life at sea.

  • AEN announces HSQE Manager appointment


    AEN is pleased to appoint Mr Evangelos Tsoumpos as HSQE Manager, a Naval Architect with many years of experience, as a Third Party Auditor. His skills and expertise will complement and strengthen our existing team and will enhance our serving capabilities. 

  • AEN announces renovation of its offices at Piraeus


    AEN completed the renovation of its two floor offices adopting a modern "open plan - open minds" offices approach, which provides high-quality, low-cost and environmentally-friendly environment for its management services. The refurbishment of the office reflects efficiency & transparency, the management's values merging in rendering services. 

  • AEN announces acquiring two bulk carriers in its fleet


    AEN continues expanding, with the addition of two brand new, Japanese-built, high quality and efficient ECO bulk carriers, from JMU shipyard. (Japan Marine United Corporation, ex IHI). 
    AEN's first supramax bulk carrier, to be named "ALKYONI SB", JMU Future-56 Serie, will be delivered in May 2014. 
    AEN's second ultramax bulk carrier, to be named "ATTIKI SB", JMU Future-60 Serie, will be delivered in 2015. 
    Nancy Gakis, GM of AEN stated: "There is nothing more permanent than change itself and AEN has developed two new projects by adding to its bulker fleet two brand new ships built by the reputable Japanese Shipyard JMU. The ships are modern, eco type, efficient in speed and consumption, and ideally-suited for the current high standards market demand".

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