The Chartering Department of AEN works in close coordination and cooperation with our Operations Department to market the vessels, and takes care of the employment of a vessel on behalf of a ship owner. They negotiate and sign shipping contracts, aiming to achieve the best result for all parties involved, through either a voyage or a time charter arrangement.

AEN provides to the ship-owning companies management of their vessels in accordance to their Owners' instructions and wishes.

In-house experienced chartering Brokers work as per Owners' instructions, as to whether the vessel should be employed on the spot market or on period charter, remain responsible for screening the various employment opportunities for their respective vessels, as well as selecting which ones to pursue, negotiate terms and conditions of the charter parties under which the vessels are going to be chartered and eventually enter, on behalf of the Owners, into the Chartering agreement.

The Charterers of the ships are usually governmental agents, trading houses, reputable commodity Charterers and other reputable traders.

Additionally, the Chartering Department has the responsibility for the following activities: 

  • Prepares and circulates the daily open position list of the Company’s vessels
  • Looks for suitable cargoes and negotiates the best employment for the open vessels
  • When necessary, negotiates and employs vessels from the market for the purpose of covering the contracts of AEN
  • Makes decisions for the periods on which the vessels on time-charter basis will be operated
  • Approves and constantly updates the list of the Owners' brokers
  • Carries out market research and analysis, keeps up with the news in the shipping sector, i.e. indices, reported fixtures, important events and developments
  • Projects and monitors the general chartering strategy in relation to the income from the operation of the vessels
  • Analyses the final results of the contracts
  • Controls the original Charter Parties by all counterparts
  • Provides and supports the continuous education of the personnel
  • Participates in meetings with Charterers, Brokers etc.