The crewing department’s responsibility entails the crewing of vessels with Greek Masters and Chief Engineers, Filipino Officers and ratings, and Romanian Electricians. Our company invests in continuous training; a key element in our successful crew rotation. The Filipino officers and ratings are employed through an independent crewing agency, although the selection / rotation / recruitment are primarily performed via our office. The crewing department handles each seaman’s training, travel and payroll. We ensure that all of our seamen have the qualifications and licenses required to comply with international requirements and regulations and shipping conventions, thereby ensuring that our vessels are manned by experienced, competent and trained personnel.

Additionally, our Crewing Manager is responsible for:

  • Crew Planning for continuous rotational flow
  • Monitoring / Evaluating all data concerning the seafarers training
  • Gauging Crew performance through appraisal reports
  • Managing crew certificates and training documents
  • Evaluating and selecting new candidates
  • Maintaining records and communicating with existing crews and manning agents
  • Planning and budgeting crewing needs
  • Managing crew-related logistics (travel documents, embarkations, repatriations etc.)
  • Negotiating and executing employment contracts
  • Managing crew payroll and disbursements
  • Planning and arranging crew training