Our Financial Department manages the Company’s accounting services, as well as the collection of Company’s revenues. It also promotes the Company’s economic health by providing leadership in the development and execution of sound fiscal policies.

We are firmly focused on generating superior value for our principles, by vigorously managing costs and operational efficiencies. We have invested in people and technology so that we are in a position to monitor and report performance, thus enabling management to make opportune and informed decisions.

We have maintained a lean management structure throughout several market cycles and varying sizes of our fleet. We have assembled a closely-knitted finance team, combining both seasoned and young professionals with a diverse background and industry experience.

Our team provides comprehensive financial, accounting and treasury support to our management, and accounts are provided at regular intervals, normally quarterly or as otherwise agreed.

We use industry-leading software and bespoke systems to enable timely and precise management and financial reporting. We maintain relationships with several fiscal institutions to finance our operations and to impart efficient treasury services, aiming at maximising returns whilst minimising the financial and operational risks.

We utilise the latest e-Invoicing to allow us to create, send, receive, process and exchange invoices, purchase orders, statements and other trade-related documents with our suppliers, to create a real-time, secure, electronic invoicing service that helps us reduce costs and save the environment by reducing our consumption of paper. 

All consolidated accounts are audited annually by an external company. AEN’s accounting department is audited by Moore Stephans.