Our HSQE Department does not limit itself to life and cargo, but also encompasses protection of the environment and maintenance and upgrading of vessels at regular intervals. The company has a proactive safety culture in place. Initiatives to integrate and implement strict safety measures for protection and preservation of the environment have helped to uphold the company’s non-compromising attitude towards safety. The department also focuses on quality, ensuring that its employees receive the best care and training, in order to deliver the best service to its clients, whilst ensuring to have the least possible negative impact on the environment. This concept is deeply embedded in our philosophy since our foundation in 1985, and it has been continuously improved, aiming to obtain one goal: ZERO accidents, ZERO incidents and ZERO spills.

One way of delivering the best quality, is to make sure our personnel are focused on health and safety, to make sure we comply with all safety regulations and obtain the relevant certifications. Regular communication and feedback exchange with the clients, as well as prompt response to their requests, are key parameters to ensuring the quality of our services.

Additional responsibilities include the implementation and maintenance of the company's Integrated Management System, according to the ISM and ISPS Codes, complying with all applicable regulations and our own internal quality mandates, ensuring the safe, quality, environmentally-friendly and efficient operation of our vessels.

The HSQE Department:

  • Coordinates and controls the development of the Integrated Management System, including:
    • Instructions and procedures for crews, to ensure safe operation and protection of the environment at all times
    • Instructions and procedures for cargo and voyage management
    • Instructions and procedures for effective communication and document control
    • Defined levels of authority and responsibility and required crew qualifications on board
    • Procedures for handling emergency, accident and/or non-conformity situations
    • Procedures for carrying out safety inspections and audits
    • Procedures for review and improvement incorporating analysis of charterers' feedback
  • Oversees and ensures alignment of procedures within the Integrated Management System and compliance thereto
  • Arranges for and coordinates certification audits and issuance of the relevant DOC, SMC and ISSC certificates
  • Carries out safety, security audits and drills, on board managed vessels, and onshore by means of desk-top-exercises
  • Plans and authorises vessels' safety inspections by classification societies, flag authorities
  • Assesses all identified risks to the fleet, personnel and the environment and establishes safeguards
  • Continuously improves the safety management skills of personnel ashore and on board the vessels
  • Ensures compliance with the Company’s Safety, Quality, Health & Hygiene, Drug & Alcohol and Environmental Protection policy, via the company’s model (Plan, Act, Measure, Improve) and through continuous monitoring of all procedures  
  • Identifies training needs and implements training plan for ship officers, crew and onshore personnel
  • Maintains compliance with internationally recognised OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards

Our team draws on the expertise of highly experienced senior Marine Superintendents, Master Mariners and Naval Architects, with unparalleled expertise in the design, implementation, monitoring and auditing of safety and quality management systems.