The Supply Department is responsible for procuring the vessels’ necessary provisions, spares, stores, paints, lubricants, chemicals and any other stores that may be needed. It ensures that the suppliers who are selected are the most suitable, in terms of quality, environmental standards and price offered.

It works in close contact with the Technical and Operations Departments, Masters and Chief Engineers to solve any problem which may arise, and to ensure that all supplies arrive taking into consideration the time restraints imposed on the vessels’ operation.

Through the use of e-Invoicing, the exchange of the documents between the supplier and the buyer are kept in a single integrated electronic format, which is less intensive and less prone to human error, thus resulting in reduced costs for the company, and forming a direct link to the Financial Department.

 Additionally it is responsible for: 

  • Developing and maintaining good buyer-seller relationship
  • Maintaining Organisation reputation and credibility in the market through fair dealings and prompt payments
  • Selecting suppliers for issue of enquiries
  • Issuing enquiries/tenders and obtaining quotations
  • Analysing quotations, bids etc., and preparing comparative statements (quotation charts)
  • Issuing of Purchase Orders
  • Following-up of purchase orders for delivery in due time
  • Cross-checking supplied quantity/quality through quotations and invoices
  • Maintenance of purchase records
  • Keeping various Departments informed on the progress of their requests, in case of a delay in obtaining supplies
  • Serving as an information center on the materials’ knowledge, i.e. their prices, source of supply, specification and other allied matters
  • Developing reliable and alternate sources of supply