The Technical Department of AEN provides Technical management and Support to each vessel, including its hull, machinery and equipment performance, dry dockings, repairs and the provision of spares, to achieve the maximum efficiency of the managed vessels, in full compliance with the requirements and recommendations of the Classification Societies, the applicable laws and regulations of the vessel’s country of registry, and the International regulations of the places where it trades.

The Technical Department's primary goals are to:

  • Maintain the operating performance of our vessels at optimal levels within the thresholds set by regulators and classification societies, and always within our own high operating standards 
  • Optimise technical performance while minimising the operating costs of our vessels
  • Carry out due diligence for considered investments from a technical perspective and provide input for relevant commercial decisions

Moreover, our Technical Department:

  • Authorises, plans and monitors our vessels' planned maintenance (PMS), both against major periodical surveys, including dry-docking, and whilst at sea
  • Handles technical incidents, assesses any needs for repairs or other unscheduled maintenance, determines and monitors the deployment of the appropriate response initiatives and addresses such needs for the vessels in our fleet
  • Prepares vessels for second-party (e.g. Charterers) and third-party (e.g. Classification Society, Flag State) inspections
  • Manages vessel certificates
  • Manages, in a timely and cost-efficient manner, the procurement processes for technical supplies, including spare parts, engine stores etc.
  • Designs, implements and monitors rigorous technical risk management processes
  • Monitors any development in technology so as to introduce new cost efficiency gains or attain performance optimisation goals
  • Provides technical expertise on claims files

The Technical Department is headed by our highly-experienced Technical Manager. Our team has decades of marine engineering experience gained at international organizations, shipping firms and onboard vessels trading across the globe. The above accumulated expertise includes technical management for operating vessels, supervision of repairs and maintenance work.

As a result of our robust internal procedures, deep technical expertise, long experience and the flexible mindset of our technical staff, our managed fleet has attained consistently high levels of operating performance and exceptionally low levels of down-time.